Saturday, January 21, 2012

This is fun, so I'll try one more: 

ISAIAH 52:12 says: "For you shall not go out in haste, and you shall not go in flight, for the Lord will go before you, and the Lord of Israel will be your rear guard."

The phrase that I focused on was the last one: "the Lord of Israel will be your rear guard."

This caught the attention of my dear friend Amy Carmichael as well.  Here are her thoughts:

"...following after, not only to defend us, should the enemy attack in the rear, as he often does, but to gather us up if we flag and are weary because of the way.  And if He gathers us up, He gathers up also the things we have dropped, our poor fallen resolutions, mistakes, everything, and deals with them Himself.  There is eternal love and tenderness in these dear words."

Press on, dearheart! 
(As you can see, it will take a bit for me to get comfortable with typing on this blog, so bear with me, eh?) 

Occasionally, I read from a book called "God Calling".  Here's an interesting note:

 Our Lord and Our God.  Help us through poverty and plenty. Through unrest and rest, through sorrow and joy, through weakness and power.

I am your Helper. At the end of your present path lie blessings.  So trust and know that I am leading you.

Step with a firm step of confidence in Me into each unknown day.  Take every duty and every interruption as of My appointment.  

You are my servant.  Serve Me as simply, cheerfully, and readily as you expect others to serve you.

Do you blame the servant who avoids extra work, who complains about being called from one task to do one less liked?  Do you feel you are ill served by such a one?

Then what of Me?  Is not that how you so often serve Me?  Think of this.  Lay it to heart and view your days' work in this light.

Press on, dearheart!